Deals of the Day for January 25th, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

Today's Deals

30% Off Airo Brand

25% Off SunMed

20% Off Culta

$10 Gram Specials (No further discounts)

Soul Safari (OD), 92 OG Cookies & Dream (OD), Jerri’s Juice, Papayas & Bananas, Meat Breath

1/8th Specials (No further discounts)

SWS x Willie’s Wonder (Untrimmed) $25

Soul Safari (OD) $30

Bio Chem, Jerri’s Juice, Big Thai, Ginger Snap $35

Cinderella 99 $20

Sunset Octane $45


(Discounts/points do not stack or apply to sale items. Other restrictions may apply)

New Patients

All new patients receive 15% off their purchase on any non-sale items.*


All veterans receive 22% off their purchase on any non-sale items. Veterans must provide proof of military service (DD-214 or Veteran/VA ID) in order to receive discount. The veteran discount does not apply to dependents.*

Older but Wiser

Patients aged 55 years or older receive 20% off their purchase on any non-sale items.*

Student Discount

All students with a valid ID receive 5% off their purchase on any non-sale items.*

First Responders

Nurses, Firefighters, EMTs receive 15% off*

*No Discounts/Points May Be Applied To Cookies/Grandiflora/Lemonnade/Runtz Brands. Other Restrictions May Apply.