Deals of the Day for June 23rd, 2021

Waxy Wednesday!

NEW HOURS! Open from 10am to 9pm!

Buy One Get One 50% off or 20% off all Concentrates

Daily Deals:

$10 Grams Lemon OG Kush (Flower) by Nature's Heritage

$12 1g PRJ of Sour Diesel or Sir Lando by gLeaf

$25 8ths of Cecil's Pride by SunMed

$30 8ths Meathbreath by SunMed

$30 8ths all Roll One Flower

$35 Strane pre package 8ths

$40 8ths of Spaceface by Culta

$40 8ths Cherry Chem by District Cannabis

$45 8ths Sour Bobby by Nature's Heritage

$45 8ths Gelato Cake by District Cannabis

$50 8ths Caps Frozen Lemons by Garcia Hand Picked

20% off all Verano Flower

20% off Edibles 

20% off Swift Lifts

20% off Strane and Culta Carts

(Discounts / Loyalty Points do not stack or apply to items already on sale.)

New Patients

All new patients receive 15% off their purchase on any non-sale items.


All veterans receive 22% off their purchase on any non-sale items. Veterans must provide proof of military service in order to receive discount. The veteran discount does not apply to dependents.

Older but Wiser

Patients aged 55 years or older receive 20% off their purchase on any non-sale items.

Student Discount

All students with a valid ID receive 5% off their purchase on any non-sale items.

First Responders

Nurses, Firefighters, EMTs receive 15% off