Patient's First Time Vaping

Inhaling Techniques for Vaping

When it came to starting my journey with Medical Marijuana, one thing I was clear on - - I never wanted to smoke it!  So, on opening day when my caregiver came home with a vape pen amongst the variety of products, I wasn’t happy.

I’ve never smoked myself, not even cigarettes, or even used an inhaler so when it came to trying vaping as a way to medicate, I really didn’t want to. Eventually my caregiver convinced me to try it on a bad pain day. I coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed…..I hated it! Oh boy, then I had to lay down because that tiny coughing puff put this newbie down!

Again, a few weeks later, I was having a bad pain day so decided to try the vape again. I coughed and coughed and coughed. I was so done with it!  I was too embarrassed to ask my Bud Tender, ‘Hey, how do you breathe?!?!?” LOL

I asked a smoker friend if there were any tricks to inhaling because all I did was cough and burn my throat. She said I would eventually get used to it. Okay, there had to be another way!

Another friend that doesn’t smoke or vape suggested I consult YouTube to see if there were any videos. So I did a Google Search ‘HOW TO VAPE’ and another one ‘HOW TO INHALE WHEN VAPING.’ Bingo! I got some hits!!!

I discovered two methods of inhaling - - direct to lungs OR mouth to lungs. There were verbal instructions as well as a video of both methods.

Direct to Lungs is exactly like it sounds – you inhale directly into your lungs. This can be rather harsh on your throat because the vapor is still hot.

Mouth to Lungs is when you take one breath to inhale the vapor into your mouth. As it is in your mouth, slightly open your mouth and take a second inhale to push the first set of vapor into your lungs. This gives the vapor a chance to cool before hitting your throat or lungs. This is the method that I prefer. I do this with both cartridges, flower, and concentrates and it is much easier on my body.

Remember….. there aren’t any dumb questions, but if you are too embarrassed to ask, there is GOOGLE and YOUTUBE! 🙂